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Professional Concert Sitars

On this website, you can find truly professional, concert level sitars, tanpuras and surbahars.


During our long involvement with sitar music we always struggled to find a perfect instrument for ourselves. Despite our years spent in India we were not able to locate a single instrument which would have all we desired for (and be available). Sound, design, structure and attention to details – were never combined in one piece.

In Autumn 2013, we decided to approach the best sitar makers available today in India and, by closely working with them, get the very best. And we succeeded!

As a result, we are offering these instruments to those of you who do not wish to repeatedly fly to India in search of something that is nearly impossible to get without the right contacts and knowledge. We are offering truly professional instruments suitable for performing on any kind of stage and recording situations. To our knowledge, there is not a single shop worldwide which would provide such a number of instruments of the highest quality.

We are very proud of this success and we would like to continue and grow this project as long as there is a genuine interest and also suitable sitar makers.

Jiri Dohnal

musician and composer



We are proud to provide high-end, concert / studio level Indian instruments to musicians in Europe.


Delivering top quality, custom spec, hand made, traditional accoustic Indian instruments for serious musicians in Europe. Working only with the selected top Indian sitar makers who use traditional methods, materials and designs. All instruments are carefully checked and set-up for playability, sound quality and precise tuning.


After years of studying and publicly performing using Indian Classical Music instruments (mostly sitars and tanpuras, but also others) we realized that it is virtually impossible to get a high quality instrument from a shop, even if made by the most prominent sitar makers. For beginers, the chances are that  they purchase an instrument which will soon force them to quit playing (due to low quality) but also advanced musicians spend a lot of money with very uncertain results, let alone the chalenging coordination with the makers and dealers in India. Even if they personally go to India they still cannot buy a good instrument regardless of how much they pay. They can have one built with the same unfortunate result.

With the personal help of our Guru pt. Amit Chatterjee we set off on a quest to break this spell and provide access to the top level instruments to people in Europe. After a thorough research, we down selected a few individual sitar makers who are known (in serious Indian circles, not in general public and the west) to deliver on the highest quality for generations without degrading due to the ease of sale to the west or the less and less demanding Indian public these days.

We made several personal visits to these „underground“ Masters which are still true to the heritage and ordered instruments to verify their reputation.  They all proved to be able to build the instruments we were looking for.


sitar pro



Music is a vehicle, which is taking us closer to our soul. Musical instruments are the road, on which we are riding. It is great to have a beautiful road...